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Guess Electronics is a wholesale distributer of electronic equipment, you must have a valid business license to purchace from this site. To obtain the pricing information located in the members section, please call 1-800-342-5717 or in the Birmingham area, 520-0987

Make sure its "by the book"

stack_62_42.gif (1772 bytes)As you know from your NTS Level 1 classes, there are a few publications that no alarm installer should be without. You can order them online at Barnes & Noble

  • The National Fire Alarm Code 1999: NFPA 72
  • The 1999 National Electric Code Handbook: (NEC)
  • Life Safety Code: NFPA 101
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National Training School

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NBFAA National Burglar
& Fire Alarm Association

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AESBL Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure

Membership has its advantages

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Becoming a member is easy, all you have to do is call 1-800-342-5717 and answer a few questions, or fill out the following form. Once this has been completed, you can unlock the full potential of this site! We have Installation Manuals for many of the alarm panels in .pdf format, there are many installer tips and tricks, and of course, all of our pricing information and online ordering. 

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Video Downlook from DSC & Sur-Gard.

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Video Downlook transmits up to 5 still frame images from your CCTV equipment directly to the Central Station. You can even get pictures from up to 30 seconds BEFORE the alarm was tripped! This helps to provide positive alarm verification and a visual record of events for subsequent investigations.

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